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Guild Message of the Day - January 9th
Welcome to Solipsis please look around and read rules and see if this is a good fit for you and drop an Application by us!

Solipsis News

By: Zansetsu - July 2nd

Rhyolith? Becauseolith!

I was tempted to go with "Ham on Rhyolith", too, because that's a DOUBLE pun.

Also, the 25%->0% phase really sneaks up on you somethin' fierce :X

By: Zansetsu - June 30th

Beth'tilac is -totally- squished

Because killing a boss from 90%+ due to spiderling fail is how the PROs do it.

  • Tenpo: ROFL I'm a Green Qiraji Battle Tank. :D
By: Zansetsu - June 30th

Shannox down!

And we're still rockin' out in The Firelands!

  • Tenpo: Zan got mad when I tried to get Chrommie to stand next to him :(
By: Zansetsu - June 23rd

Stop.... Hammertime!

Foreshadowing Firelands progression, we totally made a Sulfuras! Also, Heroic Magmaw down- good jaerb, folks!

  • Nylmue: You look like you are about to gobble something fierce...
  • Team: ^ lol
By: Zansetsu - June 11th

Heroic Maloriak Down!


By: Nulladin - April 4th

Lokatti and Team... what is this... I don't even

High Res

  • Team: hell yeah seals ftw!
  • Lokatti: What he said! =D
By: Nulladin - March 27th

Nefarian down! 12/12 as a guild

Nefarian killed, now 12/12 normal mode as a guild.

High Res Image

By: Nulladin - March 19th


Cho'gall killed again... and this time we remembered to take a screen shot!

High Res Image

By: Nulladin - March 19th


Al'Akir killed and Throne of the Four Winds full clear

High Res Image

By: Lokatti - March 13th

Al'Akir Down.

Al'Akir was downed today. We will be posting a screenshot shortly.

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